Current Collection

Home, (My Bedroom), 2021

My practice focuses on my personal connection to mental health and issues that arose as a result of the interpersonal dynamics within my family. My photography rests in a place between staged and documentary and incorporates still life and portraiture. For the image comprising my latest series, Home, I have used a large-format camera, which amplifies the objects and spaces themselves with startling clarity, providing the viewer with a myriad of details to compel them to look closer.

Home, (My Bedroom), 2021, focuses on my difficult connection with my childhood home. Since my parent’s divorce, I have had a strenuous relationship with the spaces in which I grew up and spent the majority of my life. The images depict rooms filled to the brim with memories, cascading with charged objects. The spaces photographed are inhabited daily, yet look completely abandoned. I captured my mother’s home as I found it on the day of the shoot unflinchingly, and offer the viewer a look into the lives of those who inhabit this space

These images portray a family that has gone through many difficult times, evidenced by a home in a state of ruin.

Abigail Pfortmueller 2022